Water gardens can be any size you want. For your deck or small space, try making a water garden in a container. Add a pump and fountain to circulate the water which will discourage mosquitoes and add delightful sound. You will quickly find that your water garden is indeed a little ecosystem attracting frogs and dragonflies. We invite you to visit our water garden and its inhabitants. We have a good variety of water-loving plants for your water garden. We have 3 types of easy plants for your water garden.
  1. Floating Plants
    • Water Hyacinth
    • Hornwort
  2. Marginal plants enjoy the wet areas of your yard or the edges of your pond. They need to be partially, not totally submerged.
    • Flag and Variegated Iris
    • Houttuyana, Chameleon Plant
    • Dwarf Cattails
    • Society Garlic
    • Variegated Water Celery
    • Dwarf Papyrus
  3. Water Lilies need to be between 12 and 25 inches below the water's surface and have white, pink, or yellow flowers.

Got algae and want to "clear things up"?

Plants help keep algae at bay by creating shade and competing for the same minerals that algae need. You should strive for about 60% of your ponds surface to be covered by foliage. Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer those hard questions.

Now's the time to call our Garden Designer!

Need some personalized gardening advice? Overgrown foundation plantings? A view with no focal point? This is the perfect time to plan and design your outside space. You'll be ready to go when O'Donal's starts filling up with all those new plants in a few weeks. Call today to schedule a garden consultation. This is a one hour on site visit to answer your questions talk design or rework you existing space. We also offer drawn garden design plans! Call today (207.839.4262) - Spring's here!

DIY Wedding 101

Sat. June 17, 1:00-3:00

Are you a bride to be or know someone who is? Curious about creating your own personal flowers for your special day? Let our floral department show you the tips and tricks of the trade to compose unique bouquets, corsages and boutonnières. We will source directly from the nursery grounds and high light local flowers from Maine flower farms. Please register in person or call 207.839.4262 to hold your spot. $40 please bring clippers to class.

See a complete workshop listing on our Facebook page.

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